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2019-11-07Shortcodesupdate figure shortcode docs
2019-11-05Custom Output FormatsFix mediatype table
2019-11-04indexRework the index doc
2019-10-31Hugo 0.59.1: A couple of Bug Fixesreleaser: Add release notes to /docs for release of 0.59.1
2019-10-31Contribute to Hugo DevelopmentFix automatic typo
2019-10-30Quick StartUpdate
2019-10-29printClarify that `print` takes 1+ arguments
2019-10-25Add Your Hugo Theme to the Showcasecorrect the themes url >
2019-10-22Install HugoAdd extended version choco instructions (#703)
2019-10-22Configure ModulesFix environment typo (#950)
2019-10-22Search for your Hugo WebsiteHTTPS relevant search link URLs (#951)
2019-10-21Related ContentFix consecutive typo (#949)
2019-10-21Hugo 0.59.0Update
2019-10-21Pages MethodsAdd a page about Pages methods (Next, Prev)
2019-10-21Image ProcessingAdd note about default bgColor
2019-10-19Supported Content Formatsfix typo in /getting-started/configuration/
2019-10-16Configure HugoAdd syntax highlighting variables to list of all settings
2019-10-16Syntax HighlightingAdd syntax highlighting variables to list of all settings
2019-10-13Page VariablesImprove Next/Prev
2019-10-12Hapticmedia BlogFix redirect loop
2019-10-11Other Hugo Community ProjectsCorrect link syntax for JAMStack Themes link (#939)
2019-10-09Front MatterFix typo in # anchor links (#936)
2019-10-09Lists of Content in HugoFix typo in # anchor links (#936)
2019-10-06Content TypesUpdate closes #897
2019-10-06And Now: Hugo Pipes!Update (#894)
2019-10-06Cocoon & CosySite source link broken in Cocoon & Cosy showcase (#925)
2019-10-04issetUpdate (#900)
2019-10-03Frequently Asked QuestionsFix typo
2019-10-03Deployment with RsyncFleshed out explanations in rsync deployment
2019-09-27Use Hugo ModulesUpdate

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2018-05-04Hugo DocumentationMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Host on FirebaseMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
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2018-05-04Alternative Templating LanguagesMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Hugo 0.40.2: Two Bug fixesMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Hugo 0.40.1: One Bug FixMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Flesland Flis ASMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'

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2019-04-20Taxonomy TemplatesSquashed 'docs/' changes from 0f2bf195e..13097daf2
2019-10-16Configure HugoAdd syntax highlighting variables to list of all settings
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