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2020-11-25withClarify that "with" blocks do not render with empty values (#1287)
2020-11-25JavaScript BuildingUpdate
2020-11-24Host on RenderUpdate (#1286)
2020-11-22External Learning ResourcesAdd link to "Build Websites with Hugo" book (#1174)
2020-11-20Page BundlesFix typo in page bundles (#1283)
2020-11-19Configure HugoUpdate configuration directory section
2020-11-18Multilingual ModeUpdate (#1280)
2020-11-13Host on GitHubFix orphan branch url (#1262)
2020-11-13Hugo 0.78.2: A couple of Bug Fixesreleaser: Add release notes to /docs for release of 0.78.2
2020-11-12Creating a resource from a stringFixed wrong var assignment example
2020-11-11Use Hugo ModulesAdd a link to modules config option 'replacements'
2020-11-11Hugo 0.78.0: Full Hugo Modules Support in js.BuildFix typo ("wil" -> "will") (#1273)
2020-11-05Hugo 0.78.1: A couple of Bug FixesUpdate
2020-11-04Starter KitsUpdate (#1268)
2020-11-04Custom 404 PageUpdate 404 docs: GitLab auto-detects 404.html (#1173)
2020-11-02ShortcodesAdd note about issue with Instagram shortcode
2020-11-02.FormatFormat dates with "th", "nd", and "rd". (#1254)
2020-10-30Hugo 0.77.0: Hugo Modules Improvements and MoreUpdate
2020-10-30Configure ModulesUpdate
2020-10-29TaxonomiesFix typo -- missing word in title
2020-10-21Hartwell InsuranceRemove Hartwell Insurance subpage broken link
2020-10-20timetpl: Refactor time.AsTime location implementation
2020-10-17strings.RepeatFix strings.Repeat documentation
2020-10-14Hugo 0.76.5: A couple of Bug Fixesreleaser: Add release notes to /docs for release of 0.76.5
2020-10-12Page VariablesFixed typo: update PrevPage to Prev
2020-10-12Hugo 0.76.4: One Bug FixUpdate
2020-10-08Hugo 0.76.3: A couple of Bug Fixesreleaser: Add release notes to /docs for release of 0.76.3
2020-10-08Links and Cross ReferencesAdd missing closing quotes and fix code-block lang (#1250)
2020-10-07Hugo 0.76.2: One Bug FixUpdate
2020-10-07Hugo 0.76.1: One Bug FixUpdate

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2019-10-21SASS / SCSSMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Build PerformanceMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Host-Agnostic Deploys with NanoboxMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Host on NetlifyMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Host on FirebaseMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Shortcode VariablesMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Taxonomy VariablesMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Menu Entry PropertiesMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Editor Plug-ins for HugoMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Content SectionsMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'

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2020-09-24Taxonomy TemplatesRestructure and simplify
2020-11-19Configure HugoUpdate configuration directory section
2019-10-21applyMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'