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2024-07-18 strings.Diff Fix typos
2024-07-18 Multilingual mode Fix typos
2024-07-18 Custom 404 page Fix typos
2024-07-17 hash.XxHash Update
2024-07-16 Content view templates Fix typo
2024-07-16 partials.Include Fix typo in Hugo docs | functions | partial
2024-07-10 hash.FNV32a Add namespace for hash functions
2024-07-10 crypto.FNV32a Add namespace for hash functions
2024-07-05 GitInfo source: Expose GitInfo Body
2024-07-02 Features Fix typo
2024-06-28 Host on GitHub Pages Update GitHub Pages workflow file example
2024-06-27 resources.ToCSS Miscellaneous edits
2024-06-27 resources.PostProcess Miscellaneous edits
2024-06-27 resources.PostCSS Miscellaneous edits
2024-06-27 resources.Minify Miscellaneous edits
2024-06-27 resources.Fingerprint Miscellaneous edits
2024-06-27 resources.Babel Miscellaneous edits
2024-06-27 js.Build Miscellaneous edits
2024-06-27 css.TailwindCSS Miscellaneous edits
2024-06-27 css.PostCSS Miscellaneous edits
2024-06-26 Introduction Improve example of render hook directory structure
2024-06-26 templates.Defer Fix typos
2024-06-25 transform.Emojify Restructure templates section
2024-06-25 template Restructure templates section
2024-06-25 Taxonomies Restructure templates section
2024-06-25 Sitemap Restructure templates section
2024-06-25 return Restructure templates section
2024-06-25 resources.Match Restructure templates section
2024-06-25 resources.GetMatch Restructure templates section
2024-06-25 resources.Get Restructure templates section

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2020-06-16 Linode Docs Squashed 'docs/' changes from 9be494de3..ac2c4a487
2021-02-23 Myshowcase Squashed 'docs/' changes from d343ebf71..bb15e9804
2022-06-16 Tomango Squashed 'docs/' changes from 96fdc246c..30f32a624
2022-11-17 Hapticmedia Blog Squashed 'docs/' changes from 392668f4f..32cb8785e
2022-11-17 Squashed 'docs/' changes from 392668f4f..32cb8785e
2023-08-30 Hugo Showcase Template Squashed 'docs/' changes from a7e1e9be8..686c7b6eb
2023-10-20 Overmind Studios Squashed 'docs/' changes from 7ef2dbce4..cb18a5183
2023-12-04 Hugo Documentation Squashed 'docs/' changes from 4d936aee6..4dd2d6415
2023-12-04 Functions Squashed 'docs/' changes from 4d936aee6..4dd2d6415
2023-12-04 Methods Squashed 'docs/' changes from 4d936aee6..4dd2d6415

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