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2019-07-19Host on GitHubBetter deploy script example
2019-07-12Internal TemplatesSmall fixes for Open Graph internal template
2019-07-10Configure HugoUpdate
2019-06-30Commentsadded to the list
2019-06-17Directory StructureUpdate
2019-06-15Bypass CensorshipAdd showcase.
2019-06-13Add Your Hugo Theme to the ShowcaseUpdate link to issue theme submission
2019-06-13Page VariablesUpdate documentation on page variables
2019-06-11Custom Output Formatsfix: typo in
2019-06-09.FormatCorrect typo "RFC339" to "RFC1123Z" (#837)
2019-06-08Content Organizationbaseurl -> baseURL
2019-06-07Menu Entry PropertiesFixes bad URL in for .hasChildren * part of issue #814
2019-06-06Host on RenderRender launched; no invite code needed
2019-06-03Fingerprinting and SRIFixes typo in
2019-06-01Sitemap TemplateRemove note that XML declaration is not needed
2019-06-01RSS TemplatesAdding required XML tag to sample templates
2019-05-22whereBoolean Values in the Where Function
2019-05-18Hugo 0.55.6: One Bug Fix!Update
2019-05-15Hugo 0.55.3: A Few More Bug Fixes!Fix misspelling
2019-05-13Build PerformanceRemoved mentioning of removed --stepAnalysis command line option
2019-05-11Frequently Asked Questionshugo-extended no longer the default
2019-05-07shaRelated md5 and aliases for sha1/sha256
2019-05-07md5Added related sha function into the See Also
2019-05-03Front MatterFix date description
2019-05-02Hugo 0.55.5: Take Five!Hugo 0.55.5
2019-05-02PHARMASEALAdded Pharmaseal case study
2019-04-30Custom 404 PageAdd configuration information for Azure
2019-04-27Content SummariesFix typo
2019-04-26Menu TemplatesFix typos for absLangURL and relLangURL functions

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2018-05-04Hugo DocumentationMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Install and Use ThemesMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Host on FirebaseMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Taxonomy VariablesMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04The Benefits of Static Site GeneratorsMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Section Page TemplatesMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Content SectionsMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Content TypesMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Apache LicenseMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Other Hugo Community ProjectsMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'

Pages marked with TODO

2019-04-11Taxonomy TemplatesStart of taxonomy docs update for Hugo 0.55
2019-07-10Configure HugoUpdate
2019-01-14applyConsistently use "posts" as section name in examples