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2021-01-07Godot Tutorialsadd godot tutorials to showcase
2021-01-07SASS / SCSSUpdate
2021-01-04Page VariablesUpdate plainwords description (#1296)
2021-01-01substrUpdate substr examples (#1304)
2020-12-31Hugo 0.80: Last Release of 2020!Release 0.80.0
2020-12-28Hugo 0.79.1: One Security Patch for Hugo on WindowsSpelling fix in 0.79.1 release notes
2020-12-27Hugo 0.78.0: Full Hugo Modules Support in js.BuildReplace jsconfig.js with jsconfig.json
2020-12-27Configure HugoReplace jsconfig.js with jsconfig.json
2020-12-27JavaScript BuildingReplace jsconfig.js with jsconfig.json
2020-12-17BabelTypo s/adds/add (#1298)
2020-12-17Page ResourcesFix Resource.ResourceType so it always returns MIME's main type
2020-12-16Image Functionsimages: Add images.Overlay filter
2020-12-10Hugo on Apple M1Update index.html
2020-12-02Shortcodestpl: Add title parameter to YouTube shortcode
2020-12-01Editor Plug-ins for HugoAdded two useful extensions to the list (#1243)
2020-11-29Related ContentUpdate
2020-11-27Hugo 0.79.0: Black Friday EditionRelease 0.79.0
2020-11-25withClarify that "with" blocks do not render with empty values (#1287)
2020-11-24Host on RenderUpdate (#1286)
2020-11-22Menu TemplatesAdd menu params
2020-11-22MenusAdd menu params
2020-11-22External Learning ResourcesAdd link to "Build Websites with Hugo" book (#1174)
2020-11-20Page BundlesFix typo in page bundles (#1283)
2020-11-18Multilingual ModeUpdate (#1280)
2020-11-13Host on GitHubFix orphan branch url (#1262)
2020-11-13Hugo 0.78.2: A couple of Bug Fixesreleaser: Add release notes to /docs for release of 0.78.2
2020-11-12Creating a resource from a stringFixed wrong var assignment example
2020-11-11Use Hugo ModulesAdd a link to modules config option 'replacements'
2020-11-05Hugo 0.78.1: A couple of Bug FixesUpdate

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2019-10-21Build PerformanceMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Host-Agnostic Deploys with NanoboxMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Host on NetlifyMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Host on FirebaseMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Shortcode VariablesMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Taxonomy VariablesMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Menu Entry PropertiesMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Content SectionsMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Theme ComponentsMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Code ToggleMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'

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2020-09-24Taxonomy TemplatesRestructure and simplify
2020-12-27Configure HugoReplace jsconfig.js with jsconfig.json
2019-10-21applyMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'