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2019-03-17Starter KitsUpdate description of Atlas to reflect new changes
2019-03-13Configure HugoClarify: summaryLength uses words not characters
2019-03-12Lists of Content in HugoAdd missing punctuation
2019-03-11Hugo 0.16Fix: use gh shortcode correctly
2019-03-11Links and Cross ReferencesFix typo in cross references
2019-03-07File VariablesUpdate
2019-03-07hugo convertUpdated Hugo convert to clarify for and not ..
2019-03-07Multilingual ModeFix typos in
2019-02-17Add Your Hugo Theme to the ShowcaseUpdate with latest Theme Submission Guidelines (#744)
2019-02-13Quick StartAdd one more video
2019-02-07Host on AWS AmplifyHosting on AWS amplify
2019-02-02fireship.ioAdd bio to showcase
2019-02-010.54.0: Mostly BugfixesRelease 0.54.0
2019-01-30hugo versionRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo serverRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo new themeRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo new siteRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo newRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo list futureRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo list expiredRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo list draftsRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo listRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo import jekyllRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo importRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo gen manRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo gen docRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo gen chromastylesRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo gen autocompleteRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo genRe-generate CLI docs
2019-01-30hugo envRe-generate CLI docs

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2018-05-04Hugo DocumentationMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Install and Use ThemesMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Host on FirebaseMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Taxonomy VariablesMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04The Benefits of Static Site GeneratorsMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Host on GitHubMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Section Page TemplatesMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Content SectionsMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Content TypesMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'
2018-05-04Apache LicenseMerge commit '83bef6955e014d40c0f00db9cebe09113154e999'

Pages marked with TODO

2019-03-13Configure HugoClarify: summaryLength uses words not characters
2019-01-14applyConsistently use "posts" as section name in examples