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2020-05-26RSS TemplatesFix broken link in RSS templates page
2020-05-25Hugo 0.71.1: A couple of Bug FixesRelease 0.71.1
2020-05-23Site VariablesUpdate
2020-05-21Use Hugo ModulesUse-modules: More help how to get started importing a theme (#1107)
2020-05-20Search for your Hugo WebsiteAddition of hugefastsearch to search options (#1118)
2020-05-19URL ManagementAdd example of how to set the permalinks option for pages in "root"
2020-05-19Syntax HighlightingRefine highlight shortcode options
2020-05-18Markdown Render Hooks for HeadingsUpdate
2020-05-17lenadd len function to navigation side menu
2020-05-13MathAdd math.Pow
2020-05-09Page BundlesDisambiguate global and page resources
2020-05-09Image ProcessingDisambiguate global and page resources
2020-05-09Page ResourcesDisambiguate global and page resources
2020-05-09Configure MarkupDocument render-heading feature
2020-05-06Base Templates and BlocksUpdate
2020-05-06JavaScript TranspilerRelease 0.70.0
2020-05-01Hugo DeployAzure uses storage containers, not buckets; edited accordingly. (#1078)
2020-04-28BabelRename transpileJS to babel
2020-04-26Host on GitHubfix grammatical error
2020-04-24Hugo 0.69.2: A couple of Bug Fixesreleaser: Add release notes to /docs for release of 0.69.2
2020-04-23safeURLHTTPS external links in docs
2020-04-23Flesland Flis ASHTTPS external links in docs
2020-04-23Cocoon & CosyHTTPS external links in docs
2020-04-23hugo gen docHTTPS external links in docs
2020-04-23Sitemap TemplateHTTPS external links in docs
2020-04-23ShortcodesHTTPS external links in docs
2020-04-23Install HugoHTTPS external links in docs
2020-04-23Lists of Content in HugoHTTPS external links in docs
2020-04-23Content FormatsHTTPS external links in docs

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2019-10-17Hugo's Lookup OrderUpdate
2019-10-21Hugo Pipes IntroductionMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Hugo DocumentationMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21SASS / SCSSMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Frequently Asked QuestionsMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Build PerformanceMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Hugo and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Merge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Host-Agnostic Deploys with NanoboxMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21Host on NetlifyMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'
2019-10-21What is HugoMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'

Pages marked with TODO

2020-02-19Taxonomy TemplatesAdd Page.GetTerms
2020-04-14Configure HugoFix typo (#1084)
2019-10-21applyMerge commit 'b9bd35d72e14932fb6588ff62b90cddef0a060fc' as 'docs'