Hugo 0.68.3: A couple of Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.68.2: A couple of Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.68.1: 1 bug fix

Minify config and more!

Hugo 0.67.1: A couple of Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.67.0: Custom HTTP headers

Hugo 0.66.0: PostCSS Edition

Hugo 0.65.3: A couple of Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.65.2: A couple of Bug Fixes

0.65.0: Hugo Reloaded!

Hugo 0.65.1: A couple of Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.64.1: A couple of Bug Fixes

Mostly bugfixes …

Hugo 0.63.2: A couple of Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.63.1: A couple of Bug Fixes

Improved base templates, and faster!

Hugo 0.62.2: A couple of Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.62.1: A couple of Bug Fixes

Hugo Christmas Edition!

40K GitHub Stars Edition

Hugo 0.60.1: A couple of Bug Fixes

Now CommonMark Compliant!

Hugo 0.59.1: A couple of Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.59.0

Hugo 0.58.3: A couple of Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.58.2: A couple of Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.58.1: A couple of Bug Fixes

Image Processing Galore!

Hugo 0.57.2: A couple of Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.57.1: A couple of Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.57: The Cascading Edition

Hugo 0.56.3: A couple of Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.56.2: A couple of Bug Fixes

0.56.1: Two Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.56.0: Hugo Modules and Deployment

Hugo 0.55.6: One Bug Fix!

Hugo 0.55.5: Take Five!

Hugo 0.55.4: Some Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.55.3: A Few More Bug Fixes!

Hugo 0.55.2: Some Important Bug Fixes

0.55.1: 3 Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.55.0: The early Easter Egg Edition!

0.54.0: Mostly Bugfixes

Hugo Christmas Edition

And Now: Hugo 0.52

Hugo 0.51: The 30K Stars Edition!

Hugo 0.50: Errors so Good, You’ll Want to Fail!

Hugo 0.49.2: One Bug Fix

Hugo 0.49.1: Bug Fix

Hugo 0.49: Directory Based Archetypes

This One Goes to 11!

Two Bug Fixes

Output Minification, Live-Reload Fixes and More

The Summer of Hugo

Hugo 0.45.1: Two Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.45: Revival of ref, relref and GetPage

Hugo 0.44: Friday the 13th Edition

And Now: Hugo Pipes!

Hugo 0.42.2: One Bug Fix

Hugo 0.42.1: Two Bug Fixes

Hugo 0.42: Theme Composition and Inheritance!

Hugo 0.41: Privacy Configuration for GDPR

Hugo 0.40.3: One Bug Fix

Hugo 0.40.2: Two Bug fixes

Hugo 0.40.1: One Bug Fix

Hugo 0.40: The Revival of the Shortcodes

Hugo 0.39: The Nat King Cole Stabilizer Edition

Hugo 0.38.2: Two Bugfixes

Hugo 0.38.1: Some Live Reload Fixes

Hugo 0.38: The Easter Egg Edition

Hugo 0.37.1: One Bugfix

Hugo 0.37: Preserve PNG Colour Palette

Hugo 0.36.1: One Bugfix

Hugo 0.36: Smart Image Cropping!

Hugo 0.35: Headless Bundles!

Hugo 0.34: Pattern matching to filter images and other resources

Hugo 0.33: The New Kinder Surprise!

Hugo 0.32.4: Two bugfixes

Hugo 0.32.3: Some important bug fixes

Hugo 0.32.2: One bugfix

Hugo 0.32.1: Two bugfixes

Hugo 0.32: Page Bundles and Image Processing!

Hugo 0.31.1: One Bugfix!

Hugo 0.31: Language Multihost Edition!

Hugo 0.30.2: One More Bugfix

Hugo 0.30.1: Two Important Bugfixes!

Hugo 0.30: Race Car Edition!

Hugo 0.29: Template Metrics

Hugo 0.28: High-speed Syntax Highlighting!

Hugo 0.27.1: One bugfix

Hugo 0.27: Fast and Flexible Related Content!

Hugo 0.26: Language Style Edition

Hugo 0.25.1

Hugo 0.25

Hugo 0.24.1

Hugo 0.24

Hugo 0.23

Hugo 0.22.1

Hugo 0.22

Hugo 0.21

Hugo 0.20.7

Hugo 0.20.6

Hugo 0.20.5

Hugo 0.20.4

Hugo 0.20.3

Hugo 0.20.2

Hugo 0.20.1

Hugo 0.20

Hugo 0.19

Hugo 0.18

0.17: Hugo is going global

Hugo 0.16

Hugo 0.15

Hugo 0.14

Hugo 0.13

Hugo 0.12

Hugo 0.11

Hugo 0.10

Hugo 0.9

Hugo 0.8

Hugo 0.7